Monday, 23 August 2010

New Thoughts...

So, recently I've been thinking more and more about reinventing my own style and way of dressing, and I'm finally beginning to come up with some pretty cute ideas! For example, I went shopping in Exeter's lovely Topshop the other day, and came out with a pair of lovely taupe socks with a cream ribbon threaded through the tops. They're knee-high, so they can be worn with boots or shoes, I plan to wear them with my Doc Marten Mary-Janes, and the ribbons tie at super-cute little bows on either outside edge of the leg. I find them so comfortable, and excellent value for only £7, and I think that they will go very well indeed with my cream swallow print skirt! While I was there I also collected a deliciously vintage gold typewriter pendant, which has a piece of faux paper emerging from the top! However, it IS quite a long pendant, so should probably be worn with caution, perhaps with another shorter necklace.

Also, recently I've discovered rather a love for headscarves! However, these seem to be very difficult to come across, and the only one I currently own is from H&M and has lipstick print on it, with "Love Your Lips" printed on the border. A slight drawback of this scarf, however, is that it is made of silk, which is a totally acceptable, fun material to use, but can be a little slippery and tricky to use easily, so have hairpins at the ready! A tutorial will be up soon!


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Such a cute cream ditsy print dress :)