A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Just a list of things I love

-My wonderful boyfriend, Joe :)
-Origami stars
- Bows
-1940's dresses
-Sailor tattoos
-Any kind of jewelery

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A Wonderful Day...

Well, this has been such a good day!
The weather picked up a fair bit from being snowy and cold, so I figured it was high time for a trip into Exeter, since I haven't been for some time! So I got up bright and early and headed into Exeter for a good old fashioned look around.

Took a while for Joe, my boyfriend, to meet me, so I killed some time by looking at graphic novels in Waterstones, contemplating whether or not to buy any. I decided against it for the time being, but I will undoubtedly be picking up a couple on my trip to Birmingham next month!

So then we had a look in Topshop. Lots of Sale items casually tossed everywhere, which were tempting, but in the end I settled for some sweet yellow plastic bow earrings with a diamante middle and some gold owl earrings, setting me back a comfortable £9 out of the £80 I'd taken out for the day. Then it was straight onto The Shopper's Secret Weapon, Primark, where I managed to pick up a quilted chain bag for £6, some matching shoes for £6 and a boyfriend-fit nautical sweater for £9, adding up to a lovely £21. So only £30 gone so far, not too shabby! We had a coffee each in Costa Coffee, one of the best coffee franchises around if you ignore Starbucks, which is kind of too expensive but SO worth it. Then finally, a quick trip to New Look, where I picked up a 3/4 sleeve bodycon black and red floral print dress for £9 and a gorgeous black wait belt with a gold knot in the middle for £2. So I made my money go quite a long way, really.

I'll put up photos of my purchases ASAP :D

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Stores And Sites Of Note!

Hello again!

I got out of work early today, so I thought I'd take this time we have together to add some wonderful places where I love to shop.


www.topshop.com Possibly the best store ever.







River Island


New Look

Dorothy Perkins


The Real McCoys

The Knitting Basket

Yum Yum Beads

Laura Ashley

So that's it, pretty much! :)

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Beginnings :)

So I'm pretty new to this whole "blog" thing. I guess my friend Hannah inspired me to start it up, after constantly seeing updates all over Facebook and Twitter about her blogs, so I thought that maybe this was something I could have a go at.

I guess my life is pretty boring in comparison to a lot of peoples'. I guess to sum myself and my life up, my name's Ellie, I'm seventeen, I study English, Law and History, I'll listen to pretty much any genre of music and I love style. Oh, and you'd be most likely to find me curled up somewhere comfy with a book and my iPod.

My iPod is my child, I love the thing. I have a few artists I listen to a lot, which are mainly Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, The Dresden Dolls, Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer, Counting Crows, Horrorpopz, R.E.M and The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Liking similar music to me is always a plus.

My style is pretty varied, though I have a slight penchant for historical fashion, particular the War period and for some reason I love Victorian and Tudor fashion too. Depending on the weather, I tend to wear dresses over jeans or skirts with shirts and sweaters or cardigans. I usually prefer ballet flats to most other shoes, and I pretty much live in cardigans.

Well, that's about it for now, I have work soon, then I need sleep.
Peace and love :)

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Such a cute cream ditsy print dress :)