Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cafe Cabaret - Circus/Freakshow Themed!

Hello there! Many apologies for not posting sooner, but I'm glad to report that there's a very good reason behind this! On Tuesday night (14th September 2010!) I went out to a wonderful event in Exeter called Cafe Cabaret! It's held monthly, and each month has a different theme. This month, it was Circus/Freakshow, which was much more fun than it sounds! I took Piers with me, who didn't dress up too much, so I felt overdressed in a HellBunny rockabilly tattoo print dress with a nautical cardigan, seamed fishnet tights and nude heels, butI felt very pretty with my hair in a neat sweetheart roll with a headscarf on, looking very 1950's housewife apparently! No complaints there, then!

Pretty much as soon as we got there, I was in love with the evening! Becca Blush, one of the fabulous performers, was dressed as a clown handing out sweets. As I bought a bag, I was told "You look lovely! Would you like some sweeties? They're made of babies!"

Then, of course, we had to go and see the fire jugglers out the back, which were totally awesome, even if it WAS most likely fuelled by drunkeness! The first act of the evening involved Lady Lace as a wooden doll and The Ringmaster singing to her "You are my Dolly, my only Dolly! You make me happy with your legs open! You'll never know, Dolly, how much I want to fuck you! So don't take my Dolly away!", which recieved raucous laughs all round, especially when Lady Lace tried to escape only to discover that her skirt was caught under his leg. The next act, and my personal favourite, involved "Boylesque", and a performer dressed up as "Pig Boy", in a pig mask, four bras and a petticoat. His routine involved removing the bras one by one to reveal pasties to cover "teats" and cutting away strips of bacon from his thigh! It was  very, very surreal to watch, but really quite fun, in a crazy, it's-breaking-boundaries sort of way!

Then the next two acts involved Minky Rae and Trixie Topaz, with Minky Rae dressed as a nurse, tending to Trixie Topaz, her poor, insane psychiatric patient. Being bound with a straightjacket looked kind of fun! Plus the routine was all done to Marilyn Manson's "Freak On A Leash", so that just set the performance off perfectly!

By this point Piers and I were both fairly drunk, but I sure as hell remember the evening finishing brilliantly with a wonderful, balloon-popping-with-a-hat-pin routine by the lovely Lady Lace, all done to "I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts" by Monty Python, which was so fun and cute! But my favourite part of the evening was the RingMaster's finale of dancing round the stage, shouting "I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm the fuckin' best!" 
Oh mega lol.

Photos will be up for the next one as soon as possible, the next one will be early October and is themed "Twisted Disney"! I will go as murdered Alice In Wonderland! Costume photos soon! 


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Such a cute cream ditsy print dress :)